To Marketing Automation.

Dear Reader,

Hate is a feeling I try to avoid in my life. It never brought anything good to my already troubled mind and soul. But in today's buzzword-landscape there is one that provokes a spark of hatred in me: marketing automation. It's sounds so rusty and inappropriate that one can only imagine the CMO as being the Terminator. Still, the beauty of the plain english chosen to describe it actually tackles a great concern we are facing. 

Nobody can argue that we are in critical need of automising the conversations we have. Between each other, at work or with brands. We generate so many conversational content that it's humanly impossible to live without tools such as the feared text corrector, social media management tools, mobile agendas linked to the smartwatches and so on. Now to this already known automatisation eco-system two key products where added lately:

Smart Replier. 

Google's latest automatisation asset uses AI to create a "long short-term memory" that generate "appropriate" replies by analysing your e-mail feed. The usual reply tone you use, the most used phrases, the objective of the received e-mail and basically all your conversation history are mixed in the world's most popular and powerful e-mail engine to generate a set of proposed replies. They can go from "Haha. Very funny" to "I'm working on it".

The Chat Bots. 

Everybody talks about them. Nobody knows how they actually work and everybody is already talking about the conversional revolution they will bring in the brand-consumer relation. But the essence of the bots is also related to the automatisation of the conversations by using neuronal networks. But you see still the chat bots, or at least the ones I saw, don't really chat :) yet.

So you see, although the term is not the sexiest one in terms of communications it really is the most accurate one to describe the efforts we are seeing in the market: automatised personalised conversations. Just hope we won't forget about the emotions.